07 May, 2013

My Sew In Style Thread Catcher Pattern Has Launched!

This is the story of 
"The Little Thread Catcher That Could"

The Pattern Cover Page, LOOKIN' GOOD!

You, too, can make your very own Thread Catcher!
The Oh-So-Practical Detachable Pincushion

Woo-Hoo! My long awaited Sew In Style Thread Catcher pattern is finally finished and has just  been pushed from the nest.  Lets's hope that it has wings! I am SO doing the Happy Dance!

It is available for  INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD at my Etsy Shop, Curry Bungalow.


The whole Instant Digital Download thing at Etsy is kind of a new thing, from what I hear.  That means that you get your pattern within minutes of purchase, rather than whenever the seller sends it out to you.  How cool is that?

As I have mentioned previously, it is not such an easy a task to write down how it is that you construct an item.  I feel as if I could make one of my Thread Catchers in my sleep, Zzzzzzzzzzz.....I've made so many!  But putting that all in to words is not as simple as it might seem.

Please, feel free to "Pin" to Pinterest, post to Facebook, tell your friends and pass the word.  It is, after all, because of the interest from all of you that I was inspired and motivated to actually write this pattern.

Have you got a minute here?  I just want to tell you how this all came about.

I was just cruising along, selling a few Thread Catchers on Etsy and posting my thread catchers on my blogs,
www.tintheburg.blogspot.com and www.currybungalow.blogspot.com, when people began “pinning” them to Pinterest.  All of a sudden, my blog hits went through the roof!

Flashback to late March 2013... I had just mentioned to Mr. T., (He’s my sweetie of 43, count ‘em, 43 years!) that I had a total of over 5000 hits on my Blog!  I was feeling pretty happy about that.  Then something crazy happened.  Since late March, my Blog hits have gone from a very respectable 5000 to nearly 87,000!  And those hits are almost all driven by Pinterest pins!

People began to email me, asking me if they could buy the pattern.  Well… I didn't have a pattern, other than what was in my head.  So I set about putting it all down into a Word document, which was later converted to a PDF file, and I am feeling pretty good about what I have produced.  I am betting that all of you are going to love making your own Thread Catchers, and then, you are going to make them as gifts for people that you care about. It seems impossible to make just one!

Along with the pattern, I am also offering a supply kit that includes all of the items, minus your choice of fabrics, thread and the button for the posy, needed to make this item.  I will discount the kit if you purchase the pattern and the kit at the same time.

For those of you who are interested in the pattern for the thread catcher with the Dresden block applied to the top, I am already working on that pattern.  It should go together much faster that this one, since most of the work is already done.  As I am so fond of saying, please STAY TUNED!

I must extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have waited so very patiently for this, for those of you who have contacted me and for “Liking” Curry Bungalow on Facebook.  I am over the moon and inside out that you love my little sewing accessory!  It's "The Little Thread Catcher That Could" !

And that just shows.... "The Power of the PIN" !


  1. I love it!! Congratulations on getting it done!!! A wonderful labor of love.....it really is just beautiful!


  2. Fantastic! LOVE your thread catchers!
    I've been making thread catchers for years, but fill the pincushions with fine sand, rather than using the tile. I also use boning to keep it open. But I really love the way you embellish with the flower and scissor holder. Very cute and very clever!
    I immediately pinned it and posted on Facebook and sent a link to my sisters.
    Oh, and I love your iron tote too! You are amazing!

  3. YES, I love them all ... especially the one you just made for me....
    Thanks, I am sure all my stitching friends will soon be envious of me. More importantly, I LUV it.

    Thanks for your patience with me, Barb

  4. i would like to have the pattern/instruction.
    how can i get them?
    i love your work <3

    1. Hello, SaKiWhi,

      Just click on the "Visit My Etsy Store" button at the top of this page. That will take you to my Etsy shop where my pattern is available for purchase.