20 December, 2013

A Fun Way To Give Cash at Christmas

Each year at Christmas, Mr. T. and I give cash gifts to our three adult children, along with our daughter-in-law.  They love getting cash and it certainly simplifies things for us, but cash is not the most exciting gift to give.  I wanted to let you in on what we are doing this year.  Don't worry.  I'm not spoiling their surprise.  They don't read my blog...

This year, thanks to Pinterest, I found a way to make the cash gifts feel more festive.  All five of them will find one of these origami star "ornaments" hanging on the tree on Christmas morning. They're gonna' love them!, and I'm pretty impressed, myself!

Here is how I went about it.  I found the directions for the origami star here.  You will need five bills in whatever denominations that you desire, however much your cash gift is.  The actual folding of the bills was surprisingly easy!  This star is my first try and as I said, I impressed myself! I used five $20.00 bills for my test star, but I used fifties, twenties and a ten for my final stars.  Since the bills have different shades on them, the look was a bit more colorful, but in a very subdued way.

Five Star Fronts
Five Colorful Star Backs
I made the tag in PicMonkey, my favorite online photo editing program.  They have tons of seasonal backgrounds and add-ons that give you lots of design options.  The star is attached to the tag with a small piece of double sided tape.  I punched a hole in the tag, added a ribbon for hanging and there you have it. Finito!

 Making these stars was easy! You can make your cash star gift inexpensive by using five one dollar bills, or,.. the sky is the limit!  I think that they could make an impressive cash gift year round, not just at Christmas time. You would just change up the tag to make it more seasonal.

Next... I will be making some of these star ornaments from my late mother's sheet music for the piano.  What a fine way to remember her and her wonderful musical talent at Christmas.

Give these stars a try! You will be amazed at how simple they are to make.


  1. Extra cool. Thanks for posting this - good to know this time of year.
    Neame, WA

  2. Oh how pretty!
    I would love to make these for the grandkids, but Canadian money is now plastic and you can't fold it. I suppose I will have to go with my original idea, which is a Christmas treasure hunt. I give them clues as to where to find their "treasures"

  3. Thanks for posting this. It is really nice. I am going to use for a birthday gift, saying you are a star.

  4. Is the tag for purchase?

    1. No but it's something that I put together using the website, Picmonkey. www.picmonkey.com. They have a free version that has tons of features. You can design your own tag at no cost.