02 January, 2012

Bunny Quilt

Some people do Spring Cleaning, but I do After the Holidays Cleaning. Yesterday I was tidying up my walk-in closet, otherwise known as the wade-in closet, and came upon a quilt that I had made a few years ago.  I have kept it rolled up on a cardboard tube to keep it pristine until the time comes to give it away to just the right baby girl, hopefully, a future grand-daughter.  I have my fingers crossed.  We still have two children who are sans offspring. (Really, no pressure here, Butterfly and G-Man...)  I made it just because I loved the fabrics and,well,... just because I dream of a grand-daughter one day. And hey, if I don't get a grand-girl, maybe it can be for a great-grand daughter.  By that time it will be VINTAGE!!!

I hand appliqu├ęd the bunnies and carrots and then hand quilted the rest of the quilt.

Detail of the quilted carrots in the border.

I drew out and added the sweet little quilted carrots in the borders.  The only machine work that I did on this quilt was the sewing on of the binding, but I finished the binding by hand.  This quilt won a first place in my class at the local quilt show as well as a first place at the county fair.

The Bunny template is from "Baby Patchwork", by Gianna Valli Berti.

So, to my much wished for future grand-girl, whoever you are, this quilt is waiting for you.  Come claim it for your own.  Grandma loves you...


  1. OMG, this quilt is beyond adorable. You'll see by my e-mail address that I'm quite smitten with bunnies. Perfect for a little or BIG girl. :-)

  2. This quilt is so beautiful! Hope you have your little granddaughter soon. She is a lucky little girl to have so much talent in her family.

  3. I'm such a bunny lover! Is there a pattern for this.?

  4. I'm such a bunny lover! Is there a pattern for this.?

  5. Beautiful! Exquisite work(wo)manship.