12 September, 2015


Each time that I choose fabrics for a new thread catcher, I imagine how the fabrics will look alongside a sewing machine.  Most times, the imaginary sewing machine is white, but sometimes I imagine a black machine, or even a red sewing machine.  As I have mentioned previously, I have that Matchy-Matchy thing going on.  I can't help it.  That's how I am wired.  I wonder what sort of machine this little cutie will sit beside...

I made a few of this design a couple of years ago but stopped selling them in my Etsy Shop, Curry Bungalow, because they were quite labor intensive with all of those little yo-yo's ringing the pincushion.  Interestingly... this design is the most viewed sold item in my Etsy Shop with tons of views each day, coming from Pinterest, I suspect.  

I recently had a custom order request for this design and made one up for my buyer.  I found that making those little yo-yo's was kind of enjoyable!  I can make enough for one pincushion in just over one hour of evening TV.  And the wonder is that I am actually able to stay awake!  

I've had a number of requests for the pattern.  We'll see how these sell.  I just might have to consider writing it!