21 June, 2019

It's Summertime, Summertime, Sum-sum Summertime !

It's the first day of summer and we're having an absolutely SPLENDID day here in our part of the Pacific Northwest!  It's warm, the birds are singing and there is just a hint of "horse" in the air.  I love that smell!

These Thread Catchers are presently listed in my Etsy shop, Curry Bungalow, all in cheery warm colors and made from Moda fabrics.  I've got some really pretty pincushions listed, too.  Check them out!

16 June, 2019

Just for Fun

Who doesn't love a cute PUPPY PHOTO?!?  This is our sweet pup, Lucy.  She's five months old and as sweet as can be.  She has been fascinated by the horses in the pasture to the west of our back yard.  Here they are, nose to nose, getting to know each other.