17 September, 2017

If Lucy Could Talk...

If Lucy could talk, I am absolutely certain that she would have asked if she could have The Good Life Nesting Tin Set by Bonnie and Camille.  I, of course, try my hardest to anticipate her wants and needs so I made her wish happen.  She's only a little spoiled.  As you can see, SHE LOVES THEM!  She's totally Matchy-matchy, AND fully accessorized.

And while we are on the subject,... Who's got "The Good Life"?  I have it and not just in a fiberlicious kind of way.  The name for this beautiful line of fabrics from Bonnie and Camille struck a chord with me.  Although I am thankful on a daily basis for my family, my health, my friends and all that is good in my life, I have never wrapped those terms all up in a bundle and called them my own good life.  But now will.  I am so very grateful.  I've have it!  I have THE GOOD LIFE!

02 September, 2017

Pretty In Pink

I am going to totally out myself here and proclaim to the world... that I LOVE PINK!!! I used to sort of apologize for loving the color pink, but these days I totally own it!  Most people either love it or hate it and I am on the LOVING IT side of things.  

I just scored some great out of print Lakehouse Dry Goods fabrics, mostly designed by Holly Holderman and I am in a delicious pink bubble.  Hmmmm, what to make next?...

So, raise your hand if you love pink! Just listed at Curry Bungalow on Etsy.