02 September, 2017

Pretty In Pink

I am going to totally out myself here and proclaim to the world... that I LOVE PINK!!! I used to sort of apologize for loving the color pink, but these days I totally own it!  Most people either love it or hate it and I am on the LOVING IT side of things.  

I just scored some great out of print Lakehouse Dry Goods fabrics, mostly designed by Holly Holderman and I am in a delicious pink bubble.  Hmmmm, what to make next?...

So, raise your hand if you love pink! Just listed at Curry Bungalow on Etsy.

1 comment:

  1. I agree! my husband rocks the pink look! We were babysitting our granddaughter, and drove across the state to see my 88 year-old MIL. My husband was wearing a pink flamingo Hawaiian shirt (his signature look), and I dressed my grand in pink - when we arrived, my MIL was also wearing a pink pantsuit! it made for some pretty nice photos and looked as though we planned it that way!