29 March, 2015

Beautiful Baby V.

Last July I blogged about my younger daughter, known here as Butterly.  She and I made a baby quilt for her friend Lesley, who was due to birth a baby girl in August.  We had tons of fun making that quilt and you can read about that process here.

Fast forward.  Butterfly is spending the week end at the beach with her very bestest friends from good ol' Placer High School where she finally got to meet Baby V.!  And, guess what traveled along with baby to the beach? The quilt that we made!  Butterfly finally got to hold that beautiful baby! She's in love... and she texted me this photo just now. She told me that the quilt, our quilt that we made together, is used and loved, words that warm my heart because that's what quilts are for, right?.  I always get a little emotional about babies, and I just had myself a moment here.. looking at this photo of Baby V. lying on those fabrics that we cut up and put back together with love in every stitch.

19 March, 2015

Like Birthing A New Baby!

Just put the finishing touches on my new Sew Sassy Thread Catcher Pattern cover design.  I hired an extremely talented Graphic Designer. OK,... she's my daughter, but she's still extremely talented!  I'm LOVING what she came up with for me.  The design is hip... happening... and just plain SASSY! I have a few steps yet to complete before I push this little bird from the nest and let it FLY!