29 June, 2013

I'm International !

You know, when I began selling my Sew In Style Thread Catcher Pattern in mid May and soon thereafter added my Dreamy Dresden Thread Catcher Pattern, I had no idea how they would be received.  I listed them, crossed my fingers and then, well,.. then, the orders started rolling in.

I am in absolute amazement that my patterns have been purchased from all around the planet!  To date, and as best that I can remember, I have had purchases from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Portugal, Scotland, Wales, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa... and don't forget TEXAS, only because Texas is bigger than most of the countries that I have had orders from.  I am betting that there are more of my thread catchers in Texas than in any other state or country!  Notice in the picture above that I have altered world geography and have pasted TEXAS somewhere in the South Pacific, and I pasted it BIG, really BIG, because you ladies from Texas have been such really wonderful customers!

Seriously... thank you, thank you everyone for being as excited as I am about my little sewing accessory.

Good things really do come in small packages!

20 June, 2013

Feeling Grateful...

As Mr. T. and I were driving home yesterday, I just had to take a photo of the river, less than a mile from our bungalow.  I had forgotten my camera at home, but my iPhone captured this beautiful view of the river perfectly!  Breathtaking!

And we get to live here!

14 June, 2013

My Dreamy Dresden Thread Catcher Pattern is Now Available!

My Dreamy Dresden Thread Catcher Pattern in now available for Instant Digital Download at my Etsy shop,   Curry Bungalow.

This is the pattern that has received SO much attention, pins and re-pins over at Pinterest.  It has driven thousands upon thousands of hits here at my blog.

Can I just say here,... I am exhausted!  Tough work, this pattern writing stuff is!  I had set a proposed release date of June 15th, which seemed entirely possible when I set the goal, but as it got closer and closer, I was putting in more and more hours, finessing the text, color correcting the photographs and designing the cover.

My younger daughter, known here in Blogland as Butterfly, who is a super-talented graphic designer, designed the cover for my Sew In Style Thread Catcher Pattern.  Well, she is up to her eyeballs in freelance graphic design work at the moment and I did not want to lay one more thing on her plate.  So I decided to take the plunge and design the cover page myself.  I did email her my various cover designs and she gave me her input.  As I kept sending her more modifications and variations, she finally told me to just let it be, to go with the first clean and uncluttered design that I had done and to just quit noodling the cover to death.

Phewwww!!! I am so glad that the pro told me to give it up.  I would probably still be working on the cover... and would not have had the pattern up and listed a full 24 hours before my projected release date.  Thank you, Butterfly, for slapping me to my senses,...but in a very professional way, of course.

I hope that you will enjoy this pattern as much as I do.  The big fun for me is in combining the fabrics.  But I also love making these for gifts.  Imagine, a stunning handmade gift for family and friends for under $20.00!  And that's just for the first one that includes the pattern.  For successive thread catchers, the cost can drop to about half of that price! Get ready to be making these for all of your creative friends and family.

Oh, and please, feel free to pin my thread catcher photo to Pinterest.  It will help my little "Bungalow Industry" immensely if you do.  Thanks so much.  And if you make your own Dreamy Dresden Thread Catcher, please post your own creation on the Curry Bungalow Facebook Page.  HAPPY SEWING!

03 June, 2013

Such a Tease! Next Thread Catcher Pattern Coming Soon!

I am SO excited!  I have finished the prototype for my Dresden Thread Catcher pattern! I used these yummy fabrics from the "Love and Joy" line by Dena Fishbein.  I'm crazy about these prints and colors.

I am shooting for a release date of June 15th, which is not that far away.  So I'd better get back to work.  Just wanted to put out a little teaser showing the fabrics that I am using. 

Stay tuned...