29 June, 2013

I'm International !

You know, when I began selling my Sew In Style Thread Catcher Pattern in mid May and soon thereafter added my Dreamy Dresden Thread Catcher Pattern, I had no idea how they would be received.  I listed them, crossed my fingers and then, well,.. then, the orders started rolling in.

I am in absolute amazement that my patterns have been purchased from all around the planet!  To date, and as best that I can remember, I have had purchases from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Portugal, Scotland, Wales, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa... and don't forget TEXAS, only because Texas is bigger than most of the countries that I have had orders from.  I am betting that there are more of my thread catchers in Texas than in any other state or country!  Notice in the picture above that I have altered world geography and have pasted TEXAS somewhere in the South Pacific, and I pasted it BIG, really BIG, because you ladies from Texas have been such really wonderful customers!

Seriously... thank you, thank you everyone for being as excited as I am about my little sewing accessory.

Good things really do come in small packages!

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