13 April, 2016

It's the Little Things

You have likely heard the phrase, "It's the little things that count."  Sometimes those little things can made a big difference!  Take buttons, for example.  I am completely captivated by tiny vintage "twinkle" buttons.  These are sometimes called "mirror back" buttons. They are amazing little things no matter what they are called.

I try to pick up little lots of them from time to time on eBay.  I never pay much for them, although one certainly can!  I just buy the ones that I think will complement the pincushions that I make for my thread catchers.  These little works of art are the perfect finish for items made from vintage-look fabrics.

                                                 This hexagon button is EXQUISITE!

                                      And this tiny one looks pretty on a Dresden pincushion.

                                                                         Another tiny beauty!

And another!

I keep my collection of twinkles in a little velvet draw-string bag.  They jingle like gold coins. My own little tiny treasures!  I love to open the bag, spread them out and choose just the right button to go on my pincushions.  Like I said, it's the little things...