06 April, 2013

Thread Catch Pattern Spoiler

I spent a good part of the day working on my "SEW-IN-STYLE" Thread Catcher Pattern.

Have you ever written a pattern?  It is not such an easy task as you would expect, but mine is close to being finished, I promise.

I am posting a bit of a "spoiler" here, letting all of you in on a sneak peek at the fabrics that I am using to make my pattern prototype.

My prototype was made using the newly released "Spring House" fabric line by Moda, designed by Stephanie Ryan.  Is it just me or are these fabrics just the dreamiest?  They were all so pretty that I had a hard time deciding just which ones to use for my pattern prototype.

The next step is to add my photos to the pattern text and to then polish off the cover.  The finished pattern is close to being completed, really close.

Thanks to everyone!  You have been incredibly patient and I so appreciate that.

Stay tuned!

02 April, 2013

I Like You... Please Like Me! :)

Ohhhhh,...I try, but I'm not so Blogger/Etsy/Facebook savvy, so for those of you who have traveled this way to find a thread catcher, I have just built a Facebook  website for "Curry Bungalow", my very own bungalow BIZ!

So if you would like to get moment by moment, up to the minute updates for when I add new Thread Catchers to my Etsy Shop, just search for Curry Bungalow, the website, on Facebook, then you will want to LIKE ME.

...You like me, you really like me! Oh, I forgot,... I am not Sally Fields.

You may also see a page for Curry Bungalow, but that's the one that is a "friend" page, not quite what I had in mind.  Not that I don't want to be your friend... but if we connect that way then we are going to receive each others posts on our pages.  Not so good...  I've tried to delete that page, but I am not smart enough, apparently.

Seriously folks, I am so very touched that so many of you are excited about my little sewing accessory.  Thank you, everyone, for being so incredibly supportive.

 I am humbled,... truly.