28 April, 2017

Sugar Pie meets Sweetie Pie!

Who loves pie!  Ummm... that would be me, especially when it involves luscious "Sugar Pie" fabrics designed by Vanessa Goertzen for Moda's Lella Boutique and my own Thread Catcher with Detachable SWEETIE PIE Pincushion.  They're some kind match made in heaven, or a pie shop...

That little pincushion looks good enough to eat!

Honestly, I have had these fabrics for a full month but have been so crazy busy that I could only gaze lovingly at them.  No time to sew, which just about killed me! But my big personal commitment has concluded and I am happily back in the saddle making thread catchers for my Etsy shop Curry Bungalow.  I knew that I wanted to begin with my new "Sugar Pie" fabrics.

I made two up in different colorways.  LOVE THEM BOTH!!!  Wouldn't these make great Mother's Day gifts for your favorite seamstress, quilter or anyone who does needlework?  Just posted for sale here. Get 'em while they're hot!

10 April, 2017

Tutorial - My Bungalow Biz Branding

This tutorial is a compliment to a previous tutorial about how to make your own iron on fabric labels. That tutorial can be found here. In my continuing effort to have cohesive branding for my Etsy shop, Curry Bungalow, I have begun wrapping my physical items in tissue for shipping. Taking it a step further, I've been making that wrapping look prettier by tying it with a ribbon and adding a branding sticker.  A buyer recently reviewed her Etsy purchase by saying that the item was beautifully wrapped and "I felt as if I was opening a lovely gift, even though I had BOUGHT IT MYSELF!" 

With "sticker"  YAY!!!

Sans "Sticker" BOO!!!
By the way, I use Hug Snug Rayon Seam Binding for my ribbon wrap.  It comes in a gozillion colors and is priced at about $10.00 for a 100 yard roll.  Such a deal!

That little sticker above the ribbon is a simple touch that adds much in the way of attractive packaging.  I print these "stickers" myself on photo paper then punch them out with my sweet little 2 1/2" scalloped circle punch.  Love that scalloped edge!  How to attach said sticker, you might ask?  I initially used double sided tape that I had on hand (purchased on the cheap at a yard sale...) on the back of the printed photo paper, three strips of tape along the three columns of images.  I would then punch out the stickers with the tape attached to the back, then just peel and stick.  But I ran out of that tape and being a cheapskate frugal type, I have now began attaching the sticker with a glue stick.  not quite as high tech as that double sided tape but definitely less expensive than purchasing those sheets of printable sticker paper.  It's all about the bottom line here when finding inexpensive ways to brand your products.  Every penny that I don't spend on those pricey labels is part of my profit. 

So let's make some stickers!  I placed my sticker image into a Word document, leaving enough space between each image for punching them out with the scalloped punch.  I print multiple pages at a time, punch them all out and keep them in a little box at my VERY OFFICIAL packing and shipping station, otherwise known as the teeny tiny counter area in the laundry room.

I love the way that they look, all mixed up like this.
I box up my item and add more tissue to make it secure for shipping...

Then I add another sheet of tissue, the purchase packing slip, a business card and a care card.  I tape the box closed, add the shipping label to my buyer and off it goes looking pretty!

My tips for inexpensive branding won't make you a millionaire, but every little bit saved is a little bit that you did not have to spend on your branding.  Mission Accomplished!

09 April, 2017

Nose to the Needle

I know, I know! I've been basically missing in action for a couple of months. Have I mentioned that I am the Co-Chair for the largest quilt show in southern Oregon? And that our show is just over a week away from opening? Needless to say, I've been burning the candle at both ends. Along with quilt show duties I've been working hard at making thread catchers in my "spare time" to list in my shop for those looking for pretty and practical Mother's Day Gifts. I have some new fabrics as well as popular favorites. I will be sewing less and less in the upcoming days so if you see one that you like, you will want to snag it while you can! All are available at my Etsy shop, Curry Bungalow and all include three flower pins to jazz up your pincushion just a bit.