27 May, 2012

Hexagon Heaven

I have been in Hexagon Heaven since beginning this quilt about three months ago. I have stacks and stacks of little hexagons cut out and ready to be basted, then sewn into the "flower" blocks.  So far I have completed nearly 60 of these units, each measuring just over 7 inches across. I am using pre-cut 7/8 inch paper templates purchased from Paper Pieces .  The "garden path" hexagons will be made of the solid green background fabric shown here in my photo.  The fun is in combining the prints.  I have to say here that I think that I was cursed at birth... As previously stated in an earlier post, I have this thing, this disorder, that compels me to make everything match. Using all of these colors together is not easy for me but when I lay them out all together like this on top of the background fabric, I can see that it's all going to work!

I don't have nearly enough fabrics.  MUST BUY MORE! These 1930's Reproduction fabrics are harder to find than you might expect.  But the good news is that I have been given a number of smaller pieces by generous friends who see me working on my quilt whenever my backside hits something solid.  Their generosity is giving this quilt much more fabric variety than I could have managed on my own.

I am toying with the idea separating each flower with the little diamond shapes as pictured here, but of course, my paths will be green and the diamonds would be off white.  I am asking myself just how many years I want to be working on this quilt?  I have not answered that question just yet... since I have other quilts in my head that are begging to be made.  All I know is that I am enjoying working on this now and am trying not to think too far ahead.  It will be finished, one day... If I live long enough...