22 March, 2020


It's a lucky thing that I am a confirmed HOMEBODY!  Now I have all the time that I want to sew and then sew some more!  I've just made up this super cute Scrappy Strips Pincushion with Needle Minder.  It's perfectly posed on "Joan Marie", the Centennial Singer Featherweight that I am holding for my 16 month old grand daughter.  She and I have big  plans for this sewing machine! 

08 March, 2020

How many Pincushions Does One Person Need?

The answer to that question is,... AS MANY AS SHE WANTS!  I have the most wonderful customers! So many of my buyers return to my shop time and again to purchase. Linda C. from Texas appears to have returned the most, 26 times to be exact! She buys pincushions, thread catchers, patterns and kits and she always leaves me glowing reviews. This shows just a portion of the items that Linda has purchased. Thank you, Linda for being such a valued buyer!