31 August, 2016


Ahhhh, the power of Social Media!  My Sew In Style Thread Catcher Pattern was featured on Quilting Digest on Facebook this morning.  There has been a steady stream of cha-chings since!  Music to my ears!  It means so much to me that people love my products as much as I love designing and making them.

30 August, 2016


We have babies this year in the koi pond!  In nine years we've seen three hatches.  We suspect that there have been more but the fish usually eat the eggs early on and we rarely see fry.  But this batch has survived and we've got quite a large crop of probably about 20 small koi.  Most appear to be orange or orange with markings.  There are some other dark ones but they are much harder to see at this point. The big ones are all lined up waiting to be fed.