17 November, 2013

Bigger Is Not Always Better!

I don't know why I love SMALL things, but I do.  Think kittens, puppies, babies, Singer Featherweights, Volkswagen Bugs,... I could go on and on.  So when I found the teeny tiny Steamfast Home and Away Steam Iron, I knew that it was the iron for me.  

As I have mentioned/whined about previously, I sew in a closet, REALLY, so space is at an absolute premium for me.  My pressing surface while piecing is a covered wooden TV tray that slides under the tabletop when not in use.  A full sized iron is more of a hindrance than a help. 

I should mention here that I had tried the Rowenta Classic Compact Steam Iron, but when it spontaneously combusted on my ironing table, I swore off Rowenta forever. FOREVER!

Enter the Steamfast Home and Away Mini Steam Iron.  This little gem is positively perfect for me!  It's SMALL, has a long cord, heats up quickly, and steams really nicely!  Some quilters absolutely DO NOT steam.  Me... I steam the holy heck out of everything!  It also travels nicely to classes and workshops.

Did I mention that it's inexpensive?  I found mine online for a measly $19.99 with Free Shipping!  Google it. You might just find a similar deal!

When you find something that you love, you just need to sing it's praises.  And I'm singing loud and strong about the Steamfast Home and Away Mini Steam Iron. 

Get yourself one!

03 November, 2013

Just In Case You Are Interested...

I just posted FOUR Thread Catchers over at my Etsy Shop, Curry Bungalow.  I am being contacted daily buy customers looking for my items for gifts.  It seems that there is quite a demand for my little sewing accessory! I will have my nose to the needle, working hard to keep up with demand! Slide on over to view more photos of the above items.  More to come!  Will post as soon as I complete them.