25 August, 2015

Missing in Action

Are you, like me, asking yourself, "Where has the summer gone?"  Mr. T. and I were just reminiscing about how when we were kids (we actually attended the same elementary school...) that the summer just seemed to go on an on endlessly!  Not so these days.  I blinked... and now it's nearly the end of August!.

I've not been idle, just not blogging.  Mr. T. and I spent a good part of our summer so far getting our yard in order.  It had become more than a little overgrown without our realizing it.  We were cutting and trimming and digging and thinning and not making a whole lot of progress.  Then Mr. T. did a wonderful thing.  He hired the gardeners from next door!  Without my knowing, he'd walked over and talked to them and hired them on the spot.  These two fellows are ridiculously hard workers and have taken care of all of the big stuff.  I don't think that I have ever been so happy to write big checks! There is just a bit more work to do around the koi pond and they will be finished.  And we have our beautiful yard back.  Mr. T. and I can handle it from here on.

Happy Koi, looking like flying fish.
Meanwhile, I'm still making thread catchers and working on, OK,.. just thinking of working on a couple of new patterns.  I just purchased fabrics from the brand new line "Gooseberry", from Lella Boutique.  They're so DELICIOUS that I can hardly stand it.  Lucy loves them, too.  Looks like she has a new best friend.  Just listed at my Etsy shop, Curry Bungalow .

And another in a different colorway... TOO CUTE!