15 September, 2012

Mom's Husqvarna

I sold my Mom's sewing machine today. I inherited it when she passed, over 15 years ago. It had been sitting in my closet, unused, since I bought Elizabeth.  I kept it, well..., because it was Mom's.  It had a very productive life with me.  I made quilts, clothing for my family and countless window treatments with it.  But I am trying to streamline and simplify... There is just too much stuff in our lives.

So I listed it on Craigslist.  Within hours I had a buyer.  A woman in Eugene, an hour away, wanted it for her college age daughter who is studying Interior Design.  This woman wanted a quality, made of metal sewing machine for her girl.  She was thrilled beyond words.  We met in the local Lowe's parking lot for the hand-off.

Mr. T. and I drove off after the transaction, and I read the sweet note given to me written by this woman. I had a little moment, remembering my mother and the wonderful gift that she gave to me.  Not the machine, that wasn't the gift.  The gift was the fact that she set the example, helped me along the way and inspired me to sew.  I think that she would love that her machine is going to have a third life with this young woman.

The beat goes on...