02 April, 2013

I Like You... Please Like Me! :)

Ohhhhh,...I try, but I'm not so Blogger/Etsy/Facebook savvy, so for those of you who have traveled this way to find a thread catcher, I have just built a Facebook  website for "Curry Bungalow", my very own bungalow BIZ!

So if you would like to get moment by moment, up to the minute updates for when I add new Thread Catchers to my Etsy Shop, just search for Curry Bungalow, the website, on Facebook, then you will want to LIKE ME.

...You like me, you really like me! Oh, I forgot,... I am not Sally Fields.

You may also see a page for Curry Bungalow, but that's the one that is a "friend" page, not quite what I had in mind.  Not that I don't want to be your friend... but if we connect that way then we are going to receive each others posts on our pages.  Not so good...  I've tried to delete that page, but I am not smart enough, apparently.

Seriously folks, I am so very touched that so many of you are excited about my little sewing accessory.  Thank you, everyone, for being so incredibly supportive.

 I am humbled,... truly.


  1. Wow, you already sold one and I am sure the last will be gone this evening! Congrates on your sales! :)

  2. I am dropping hints to the family that your thread catcher is what I want for my upcoming birthday...so they will have to haunt your facebook and etsy, too! ;-)

  3. AnnieK, that just warms my heart! I am so excited that my little sewing accessory has generated so much interest. I hope that your birthday wish comes true.

  4. Would love to buy your pattern as this would be an awesome gift for some of my friends...and me!

  5. Hi Debbie, The pattern will be available sometime this week! It will be an Instant Digital Download from my shop on Etsy. I will post a link here on my blog the moment that it's available. Thanks for your interest.