31 January, 2012

Meet Georgia, my Singer Featherweight

Say Hello to my girl, Georgia, another one of my Fabulous Vintage Finds.  She is so named because she found me at an estate sale when Mr. T. and I lived on the South Georgia coast on Oak Grove Island. I swear, I heard her calling to me the moment we walked in the door. She was sitting on a table in her case, all snapped up.  I opened the case while trying to still my beating heart...  I took a quick look inside, slammed the case shut, looked all around to see who was going to try to take her from me by force and then carried her away to show her to Mr. T.  He and I usually discuss our estate sale purchases, decide whether it is a "want" or a "have-to-have", but this time I just announced to Mr. T. that we were buying this and he did not even question me.  There must have been something in the look on my face.

I knew that the price of $90.00 was basically a STEAL!!! since these little beauties in good conditin usually go for upwards of $400.00, with ones in pristine condition going for even more.  Georgia has a little decal wear forward of her needle plate, but that just shows that she has been a hard worker over the course of her life and I love her for that. She came with her original case, tons of attachments, bobbins, the original instruction manual and the original oil can.

She gets to do a bit of traveling these days.  I take her to workshops and classes, where she is often the Belle of the Ball. As you can see, she has been gently used and well cared for.  She's looking pretty snappy for 75 years old, don't you think?  Seriously, I hope that I look that good when I am 75.

Oh,... and did I mention that she sews like a dream? She positively purrs....

Georgia has the lovely Egyptian scroll work on her end plate, a beautiful touch by Singer that is prized by collectors. I was able to learn her manufacture date by her serial number. She was born on March 15th, 1937, which makes her a seriously senior Featherweight model, a real Golden Girl!.  These machines were manufactured by Singer from 1934 to 1961. They still function as they were intended to all those years ago.  They are lightweight and portable, but they are also little workhorses. My Georgia is a genuine peach, a real, honest to goodness Georgia Peach!

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