09 March, 2012

Glutton for Punishment or Just Plain Nuts?

Am I crazy or what?  I have just begun making a hexagon quilt.  I have been busily basting 1930's reproduction fabrics to 7/8 inch pre-cut hexagon paper foundation pieces. I really love the way that my fabrics look, all stacked up here in the photo. All I need to do is make a few thousand more of these little hexagon thingies and I will have enough pieces to make a quilt! All work is done by hand and if I thought that my fingers were sore from sewing down all of that binding that I mentioned in a previous post, I had another think coming

As an aside here... my father always used that same phrase, "You've got another think coming", especially when he would say, "If you think that you are leaving the house in that short skirt, you've got another think coming!".  That was long ago and far away, back in the late '60's, the era of the mini-skirt and I kind of rocked those short skirts. Wow, that was a blast from the past!  I just heard my Dad in my head..

My inspiration here was the quilt made by Patti R., pictured above.  She's a newer member of the Guild and this was her quilt that she shared at our recent retreat in Gold Beach. We each layed a quilt that we had made on our beds and then we had a little room-to-room quilt show. I was completely captivated by Patti's quilt!  I quizzed her about just how she put this thing together, she was so incredibly helpful and as soon as I got home from the retreat I dug out my 1930's fabrics and ordered the green fabric for my "garden paths".  Then Patti invited me to her beautiful 1920's vintage home to go through her amazing collection of 1930's reproduction fabrics and choose what I liked to add to my quilt!  My quilt-to-be and I are absolutely indebted to her.  I imagine women long ago, making quilts using this same pattern, sharing bits and pieces of their fabrics with their friends...

To continue, I have always loved handwork and that makes this project perfect for me.  It will take forever, and then even a little longer, but I am trying to grow myself some serious patience here, something that I have often been a bit short of.

I love the portability of it all.  I carry my little vintage sewing basket along with me wherever I go.  I make hexagons while Mr. T. and I are traveling from one place to another in the car, while waiting on our meal in a restaurant, while attending the Grand Boys baseball games, or during the lulls while I am making dinner. This is like found time to sew, little moments that turn in to productive opportunities, one tiny hexagon at a time.

I knew that there was a certain way to sew these little hexagons together into the flower blocks so I did some looking around online to see if I could find the directions. I laughed out loud, I LOL'ed, when I found the directions that I was looking for. They were posted on a website called Quilt-O-Rama and the post was titled "How to Make a Hexagon Quilt in 492 Easy Steps" !!!

I am indeed, crazy nuts....!

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