18 March, 2012

Just Too Pretty To Use

I just ordered thread from Connecting Threads. They have really great prices on their sets of thread. I ordered three sets pictured here, that's 37 large spools, but their deals are even better if you catch them when they are offering their sets for 30% off.  I still need to order another set or two in order to completely fill my thread rack with the same sized spools, 'cause that thread rack needs to be full of matching spools.

Some of my quilting friends only use those very pricey threads.  I have never had ready access to such threads and have managed just fine, thank you very much, with just plain old whatever-is-available thread. Sometimes I think that there is a certain amount of thread snob appeal.  If I am going to succumb to snob appeal, it's going to be for something way bigger than thread, like a brand new Lexus, maybe.

I know, I know..., I'm nuts to want my thread rack to look nice, but it always looked so untidy with all of those different sized spools with different labels.  It REALLY made me crazy when the labels would fall off and the top of the plastic spool was visible.  Aaarrggghhhh!!! Those ugly spools are all now stashed in a drawer, out of sight.

There is probably a name and acronym for this weird matchy disorder of mine, maybe something like TTA... short for "Tidy Thread Analness".  Hey,... maybe I can start a support group for my fellow sufferers of TTA. Raise your hand if you have TTA!  Raise it high! Anybody....?  Come on, admit it.  Own your TTA-ness!

OK, I get it.  It's probably just me in the TTA support group, just one... solitary... lonely... member.  I'll bring the cookies to the meetings.

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