14 August, 2012


One last photo of my much loved Chicks
I just sold a quilt, my Chubby Chicks quilt, blogged about previously.  I had entered it in the local County Fair, and won a ribbon on it.  One fair goer was especially captivated by it and went to a lot of trouble to track me down in order to ask me if I would consider selling it to her.  I have never, ever sold anything that I had made previously.

I made this quilt because I completely fell in love with the pattern, and then I found the delicious fabrics. There was no intended recipient for it.  It was made just because I loved the pattern and the fabrics.  So I named my price.... and the buyer agreed to it.

I had already won a first place ribbon for it at the local quilt show, a big deal quilt show here in Oregon.  Then... I won a 3rd place ribbon for it at the County Fair. I have lots and lots of photos of this quilt.  Could I bear to let it go?

Two words were uttered by the buyer.  She said... Baby Girl, and my heart pretty much melted. She told me that her daughter-in-law had fallen in love with my quilt and she, my buyer, wanted it for her baby grand-girl, I was so very touched...

Does this make me a quilt professional by selling my work?  Nahhh... probably not.  But I loved making this quilt, and I especially love that it is going to a baby girl who will have lifelong warm and snuggly memories of Chubby Chicks!  I kind of feel like an organ donor, 'cause my whole heart loved making this quilt.

The way that I'm looking at it, I'm just spreading the love....

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  1. Lucky baby girl! This quilt is adorable. I'm sure it was hard to part with.