15 March, 2013

Feelin' Like the Queen of Thread Catchers!

Holy Cow!  I am feelin' like the Thread Catcher Queen!  Hand me my crown, please.

Some of my thread catchers were picked up on Pinterest and my blog has kind of BLOWN UP!, with thousands of hits per day, over 45,000 views in the past month and tons of interest and purchases at my Etsy shop, Curry Bungalow.

It makes me happy to know that people are loving my original design, buying them and requesting special orders, but it was also making me just a little crazy.

At first I thought that I had to keep my store stocked with these things and I was glued to my sewing machine.  Then I had this epiphany.... and epiphanies are good.  I make these things for fun because I love combining fabrics into something pretty and practical, AND it gives me a bona fide excuse to order fabrics that I love but would not necessarily build into a quilt.

So I have decided that in the interest of sanity, I resolve to just plug away, making these things in my studio, (OK, OK, it's a sewing closet... but I can dream, can't I?...) and posting them on Etsy as I complete them.  No pressure on myself.

I am also working on a downloadable pdf pattern for those of you who want to make your own and hope to have that available soon at my Etsy shop.

This has all been a huge lesson for me. The lesson is, "Do what you love",... and I love to make things, but I especially... simply... love to sew.

SEW it's all good, right?


  1. I found you through a 'pin' of your pincushion (makes sense in a circular way, lol) too ... I can't wait until you have the pattern ready - it's so cute! (and I have, ahem, a ton or so of fabric that it would be good to use up someday). I am enjoying your blog, too - beautiful quilts! I may have to look at doing a chubby chicks myself - I never heard of it before, but since I have chickens, I think I should make one :-)

    Have a wonderful first day of Spring!


  2. Thank you, Patty, for your kind comments. The patterns, (I'm doing two, one for the "basic" model and another for the dresden plate version,) are coming along. I have made a ton of these things and it is not as easy as one might expect to write out the instructions. I just make them... and don't think too hard about it.

    Happy First Day of Spring to you, too!

  3. Do you have anymore to put in Etsy? I looked on your page but you didn't have any.

  4. Hello Casondra,

    I will be posting two, maybe three Thread Catchers at my Etsy shop tomorrow. I can hardly keep them in my store!

    So check in tomorrow. Maybe you will see one that you like.

  5. Can't wait for a pattern for these! I love to sew and would love to make one for my sewing area! These are too stinken adorable!

  6. I just saw one of your thread catchers on Pinterest, and they're fantastic! I am going to stalk your blog and shop until you can either stock some again, or I can buy a pattern from you, because your design is just too pretty, plus totally practical! (I love it when the two are not mutually exclusive, don't you?)

  7. son preciosos, estoy ansiosa por hacerme uno

  8. wow these are so beautiful I would love to have the pattern :) I like you love to sew :)

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