18 March, 2013

Getting Presents in the Mail

Don't you just love it when you get a present in the mail?  I got one today.

Well,... it wasn't exactly a present. I bought it.  I paid for it. But when I opened that Priority Mail envelope, I found this.  Sew Lux certainly knows how to package an order to make it look like a present, don't they?


How sweet of Sew Lux Fabric and Gifts to package up my order to look like something that I might have received at my 5th Birthday Party!  I took a little trip back in time, WAY back in time!  I was remembering my dotted swiss party dress, Neopolitan ice cream and a white cake with pink sprinkles. 

Oh,... did I mention that Sew Lux had great prices for all of the fabrics that I wanted,... in one place?  Sweet!

I will be ordering from them again, most certainly.

 I LOVE getting presents in the mail

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