03 August, 2013

I-Am-a-Mat-er-i-al Girl

C'mon! Sing along if you are also a MATERIAL GIRL! You can thank me later for inserting that crazy Madonna song into your head.... Liv-ing in a Mat-er-i-al World... over and over and over...

I am in serious "DROOL" mode, awaiting the much anticipated release of the newest fabric line by Lily Ashbury for Moda, aptly named, "High Street".  The line is described as "an elegant collection with a touch of playful bohemian style.  Think Carnaby street circa 1963 when "Swinging London" was flourishing.  Soft grays an sage are accented with punches of orange, yellow and plum.  Soft paisley and ogee elements give a not to this colorful iconic era."

You can view the full line here at the Moda (United Notions) website.  http://storefront.unitednotions.com/storefrontCommerce/search.dosearchType=keyword&keyword=high+street&emailAddress=

The release date for this line is August 2013, and it's August already!  Where, oh where is "High Street?

I have yet another Thread Catcher Pattern in my head and this line is going to be positively PERFECT for it! This new pattern will be sort of the "in between" of my two previous patterns, with a somewhat simpler pincushion design than my Dreamy Dresden Pincushion, but with a bit more pizazz than my Sew In Style pincushion. The pincushion design will be foundation pieced, and I know, that's a bit scary for those who have not done such piecing, but the new pattern will give a simple lesson in foundation piecing and you will be surprised at just how simple and precise it is!

Cross your fingers for me that this line is released soon, very soon.

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