14 December, 2013

New Fabrics

I've been having tons of fun with some NEW FABRICS!  These five Thread were just listed moments ago at my Etsy Shop, Curry Bungalow  .  I am trying to break out of my floral box and use modern prints.  These above in the larger picture are positively delicious!  They are from the "Florence" line by Denyse Schmidt. This one just might be my new most favorite!, well... until I make the next one.


  1. Discovered your charming blog - thanks for sharing. The whole area of sewing accessories is just amazing to me. Years ago I bought a threadcatcher/pincushion which I use a lot, but have seen the design of this item evolve into something much more useful. Love your addition of a scissors loop. Now all that is needed is a good place to park a needle - like a needlebook but somehow integrated into this whole design. Anyway, your design is the best I've seen - 'specially the addition of the subway tile. Oh yeah, I recently made a pincushion with walnut shells and found the pins kinda squished around in a reckless way. So I made it again only I stuffed using the leavings in the threadcatcher first - to a soft firmness - then filled the remainder with walnut shells. Much better result. Pins stay where you put them. Honoring my thrifty Grandmother....
    Neame in WA

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Neame.

    I have also found that there needs to be something to pad the top of the pincushion. I face the inside with a thin layer of quilt batting, which makes the pincushion top softer and the inserted pins more stable. I have been pondering the parking place for the needle and would like to incorporate needle emery to keep the needles sharp. Still pondering...

    The design of my thread catcher keeps getting better with each new additional feature. I could not live without mine! And I am so happy that others are liking it, too.

  3. Take note of how the fabric is cared for. Also if you are blending more than one type of fabric together, you want to make sure that one won't shring much more than the other... this would create a great distortion in the end product.luxury lace fabrics