30 January, 2014

Pins on Pinterest

Check this out! At this very moment in time, if you search "Thread Catcher Pattern" on Pinterest, this is what comes up.  My photos, pinned by others, occupy five of the six photos in the top row!  I don't know how long this view will last, not so long I suspect, but this is what it looks like here and now, at this very moment in the Space Time Continuum.

What does this mean?  Heck,... I don't know, probably not so much...  but I sure do like seeing that so many PINNERS are liking my patterns and designs!

1 comment:

  1. It was pins of your wonderful thread catcher/pin cushion thingy that brought me to your site. Now Ima fan!! Glad to hear you found your brothers, but very sad you lost one of them already! Family is the most important in life, much more than all the things we collect over the years! Godspeed to you and yours...