07 February, 2014

One Brother Found... One Brother Lost

Me, workin' the camera in a big way, with Glenn and John- about 1953
Sometimes when I blog, I think that I may be putting too much out there, that I might be divulging TMI, too much information.  But I am compelled here and now to write about my baby brother, Glenn.

This is a long story that I will try to make short. I blogged not so long ago about finally locating my older brother, John.  He had kind of vanished, for his own reasons, probably very valid reasons..., and I am so happy to have found him and to be getting to know him again after over 35 years.  He's a seriously cool guy!

We have/had a younger brother, Glenn.  He suffered brain damage as a toddler and had been in a board and care home for most of his adult life.  He had been pacified with cigarettes and after all of those years of smoking he was dealing with COPD.  To make a  very long story short he died on Sunday, Februay 2, 2014 at the age of 62.  He was dealing with some very serious medical issues, and his body was not able to recover from a bout with pneumonia.

I am struck by the irony that I have very recently "found" my older brother, just to lose my younger brother. I am feeling the loss in a big way. We are a small family, without a lot of extended members, and each loss is compounded by the fact that there are so very few of us.

Love you, Glenn.  Rest in peace, and tell Mom and Dad that I love them, too.  I will see you all on the other side.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this.......sending you (((hugs)) my friend.

  2. Hi Teri, first I want to say I'm sorry for your loss and I'm thinking of you. Also, I want to thank you for the wonderful things you wrote about my shop, you are so kind, and THANK YOU for the adorable thread catcher. I LOVE IT!! Can you hear how excited I am? Lots of people have asked about it. Can you call me about some kits? I would really like to have some here at the shop. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. I am so sorry about your lost. In the other hand, I happy you found your brother.

  4. My heart goes out to you that you lost your little brother and happy you found your older brother!! My family is also very small and I have no children so soon it will just be me!! Its hard, but we will all see each other on the other side of the veil!! Thank you for sharing your story - it really touched me!!