27 July, 2014

New Fabric Happiness

It doesn't take much to make me happy.  A new line of fabrics or two is a sure guarantee!  I recently visited The Rustic Rooster Quilt Shop  and found two new lines that both called loudly to me and I could not ignore them, could I? I knew that they wanted to go home with me.

"Snowbird", by Edyta Sitar was a new addition at the shop. These understated and elegant fabrics made up beautifully, or at least I think so.  I added a vintage ecru crocheted medallion and a vintage button to my Dreamy Dresden pincushion.  Perfect!

"Folklore" by Lily Asbury also caught my eye, and no wonder, because I love anything designed by Stephanie Carter.  I picked up yard goods as well as a layer cake for lots of variety in my pincushions. These are already great sellers at my Etsy Shop, Curry Bungalow.

I love it when fabric speaks to me.  And I like to think that I am a great listener.  WINK-WINK!

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