20 November, 2014

Weavers and Thread Catchers

One of my Thread Catchers was recently purchased by Geri R. who left me some lovely feedback. She wrote, "I am so impressed with your work, the design of this piece is perfect and I love the fabrics. I don't have a wastebasket near my loom and have been throwing my little ends on the floor, picking them up when I get up from the loom. Unfortunately, my dog has discovered these threads, and I find them everywhere! No more!  Thank you again."

I sent a message back to Geri, thanking her for her kind words and remarking that it had never occurred to me that weavers might like my product.  Geri sent me a photo of her thread catcher, on the job, perched near her loom.  

Isn't Geri's loom just beautiful?  Weaving is something that I would love to try... someday.  Too bad all of my space is taken up by sewing things.  Thank you, Geri, for sharing your photo.  


  1. What a stunning loom but also her sewing machine and thread catcher. The materials selection is just breathtaking. But I also compliment your lovely pattern. The best in the market in my opinion and I did some looking.

  2. Thank you, Martha, for your kind words. I have lots of fun designing and making these things. AND... they give me a legit excuse to buy all of the fabrics that I really love!