05 November, 2015

Big Wide World !

Have you noticed that I have installed FEEDJIT, a little live feed tracker on the right side of this page, just under "About Me?  It shows where the readers of T. in the Burg are located at any given moment.  I pop in every now and then, just to see where my readers are located.  I am always astounded to see that I have blog visits from places that I have never even heard of!

Here is what my feed looks like as I am writing at this very moment.
The next time I look at my feed it will be completely different.  I almost always have a viewer or two from Texas, but none right now.  Hey, Ladies in Texas!  Where are you today?


  1. Hi! This lady is from Salado,Tx and I tell everyone abt this lil pincushion. Plus how great nd detailed your instructions are for making this. Thanks for a great product!

  2. Hello, Karen,

    Thank you very much for the kind words It warms my heart to hear that buyers are happy with my patterns!