24 July, 2016

Surprise Collection!

I love surprises.  Have you ever discovered cash in your pocket and felt as if you had found it laying in the street like some kind of happy windfall?   Like it wasn't already yours anyway?  Well, that's how I feel about my "new" Needle Card collection.

My "new" collection
Case in Point. I have just pronounced my various vintage needle cards, scattered hither and thither in various baskets, cupboards and boxes, a COLLECTION!  Yep, I just realized that I collect needle cards!  I have been picking them up at various yard and estate sales for years.  I bring them home and stash them, sometimes with others, but most times not.  As I was recently doing a bit of organizing, I put them all together in one place for the first time. And just like that, I have an instant collection!  I love it when that happens!
One of my favorites and probably my most complete card.  
The artwork on the outside of the cards is the big draw for me.  Some feature ladies engaged in a happy sewing circle, Stepford Wives style.  I have lots of those.  That must have been a big theme back in the day when women were expected to happily sew with their hair all done up, snappily dressed and probably sporting heels, too!  Me... I like to sew in my pajamas.

Some feature a travel theme, even intergalactic travel!

Or animals. 

Others were free giveaway items used for advertising.  My favorite is the salt container.  

Similar shapes and design. 
This Asian needle card is very colorful on the inside and has an odd needle on the lower right.  There are instructions for using it, but it's Greek to me... in a manner of speaking.  Honestly, I don't know what language that is.

My oldest card, the Sewing Society Needle Book, dates from 1885.  I imagine a woman sitting and sewing with that very needle card over 130 years ago.

The Army and Navy Needle Book appears to date to around World War II and I believe that there was a series of different ships featured on various needle cards.

I am always on the lookout for more cards.  Now that I have them all in one place, I will know where to put new additions.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos! Lovely collection, the graphics are amazing.