08 February, 2017

"Pinky Irene"

Had to share! I had an order for a thread catcher from one of my wonderful repeat buyers, Cindy P. who lives in Missouri. She messaged me a photo of her super sweet pink Singer Featherweight along with her new matching thread catcher. I'm in LOVE! Cindy named her Featherweight, "Pinky Irene". The Pinky part is self explanatory... but she chose "Irene" after her grandmother. She wrote, "Pinky Irene" is her name! Irene after my grandma, who sewed for me all my life, taught me how to sew and how to quilt." Doesn't that just warm your heart? And her photo raised the question. Do I maybe need a pink Featherweight? I just might... and a pink iron, too!  Thanks, Cindy for brightening our day.


  1. I think that's the CUTEST sewing machine I've ever seen!! We're they manufacturered that way or did she have it painted do you know?

  2. It is SO cute, isn't it? Singer Featherweights were not manufactured in this color, only in black and later white to the best of my knowledge. There are a number of sellers who will either paint your Featherweight or you can purchase one already painted. They are wonderful little machines, no matter what color.