02 July, 2018

Block of the Month Newbie

I belong to a very active quilters guild with lots of members who are super productive and prolific.  That's not been the case for me.  Honestly, I don't get that may quilts made.  I completely over-think quilt making. Will it fit into my home? Does the style complement the decor?  Do the colors match?  What I should really be asking myself is... do I want to make this quilt?

In the interest of working towards being more personally prolific, I have signed up for the "Sew In Love" Block of the Month through the Fat Quarter shop. I don't have a clue what I will do with this quilt but I was completely captivated when the first photos were published.  That's part of my problem.  My quilty friends just make the quilts that call to them.  I always think about where it will go or what I will do with it.  I need to get over that kind of thinking.

These fabrics!  Totally swoon-worthy!
I love just about anything designed by Edyta Sitar so this quilt will be right up my alley. I am a total Edyta groupie! I love the way that this quilt combines complex piecing with delicious colors. Adding to my excitement is that my dear friend, Janet C., has also signed of for this BOM.  She's a BOM veteran, having completed some absolutely fabulous BOM quilts.  I am so looking forward to beginning this quilt when the first installments roll out in August.  I will keep everyone posted on my progress.  STAY TUNED! 

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