23 September, 2011

Hanging Basket Quilt

Block Detail
This is the quilt, well..., one of them, that I am working on presently.  It is a paper pieced hanging basket pattern made of yummy Moda fabrics.  I still need to add the outer sashing and the outer border, but so far, I'm liking it. I still have not decided on the backing or just how to perfectly quilt it, but sometimes the quilt will tell me what it wants and needs.

Note to quilt... I'm listening...


  1. Your self-introduction, " am a Sewist and a Growist. My Sweetie of 44 years and I, known here as Mr.T., who calls himself "The Executive Vice President in Charge of Absolutely Nothing", live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in our sweet 80 year old home set on park-like grounds. Lucky Us!" is nauseating. You sound so smug that I'm afraid I can't bear to venture any further into this potentially interesting look at quilts. Please reconsider who you 'sound'.

  2. In regard to the comment above: It must feel cozy to hide behind your anonymity, but your post is not only cowardly but sad. T in the Burg is creative, honest and loves what she does. Your comment makes you look like a miserable person. Not only that, dripping with envy. If you had the hutzpah to put yourself out there for the world to judge, you might reconsider the words YOU choose when judging others. Your bitterness is the only thing nauseating here.

  3. I read the comment by anonymous and it was as though I had been struck...what a miserable, acidic and truly sad person you must be,. One hopes your soul isn't in the same condition.
    I discovered this blog yesterday and have spent some very happy time going through all the entries and looking carefully at the gorgeous quilts. I'm inspired not only to keep going with my quilting but to also begin to get up earlier and be more productive. I ordered the pattern and supply kit on etsy and am anxious to get started once it arrives. I also thank beesknees for the information on the corded binding. I'll be a regular here and want to extend my deepest gratitude to the blogger for putting herself and her work "out there."

  4. I am involved in a basket quilt exchange. Your pin came up and I love this quilt. I cannot find mention of a pattern. did you use one or come up with this on your own? Lovely quilt~