28 September, 2011

My Sewing Closet

My friends say that my sewing closet looks much too
tidy, but I work hard to keep it picked up and organized.
otherwise, I can't find anything. 

Long ago and far away, a Princess, (that would be me...,) had a beautiful sewing room. It was large and open and bright with lots and lots of storage. But alas, the perfect sewing room was not to be found when the Princess and her handsome Prince moved to a new castle in a new land. Sadly, the Princess was banished to sew in the closet. But she made her sewing closet the most KICK ASS sewing closet in all of the Kingdom! Her sweetie, the Prince, (hereafter, and for my blogging purposes to be known as Mr. T., no gold chains or excessive bling, I promise!) bought her a beautiful spinning wheel  sewing machine. (Sorry, got my fairy tales mixed up for a moment...) Anyway..., the beautiful sewing machine was christened, "Elizabeth" and she and the Princess sewed happily ever after. In the closet.

The End.

Since my sewing table surface is so small, I have found a clever way to keep my scissors and other pointy tools close at hand.  I've been using a vintage flower frog, one of many that I have picked up at yard and estate sales over the years. These handy things work great for flower arranging, but this one is doing it's solemn duty as my scissors holder.

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