12 August, 2014

It Followed Me Home!

I have been seriously drooling over the Bernina 550 QE since it came out and I just took the plunge and bought one for my very own.  My sewing machines earn their keep around here so thankfully, I did not have to think too hard about the expense involved in upgrading.  This little baby will pay for herself in short order.  And, by shopping between two different stores, mere miles apart, I saved a whopping $1400.00!

I ordered my new machine at the end of last month and believe me, it's been a very LONG two weeks, waiting to pick it up.  

I arrived at the store this morning and got to unpack it myself.  It felt like Christmas in August!

I had a lesson in it's operation and learned all about what a marvelous machine it is.  I love a sewing machine that does tricks!

I puttered a bit with the BSR.  Maybe I can actually perfect my machine quilting.  

I couldn't wait to get home and set her up.  What was my first project?  Why... it was a thread catcher, of course!  Hmmm, what to make next...?

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