11 August, 2014

Thread Catcher Revisited

Some time ago, I made a Thread Catcher using a different pincushion design.  I listed it on Etsy and someone "pinned" that thread catcher. It has since had about a gozillion re-pins!  ( That particular Thread Catcher is now living happily in Perth, Australia...)  Still, to this day, I have people visiting my Etsy shop looking for that same Thread Catcher.  I have also had numerous inquiries asking if I could make more.  I did not have the main fabric any longer, but was recently able to track down a small amount of that fabric, no small feat, I might add.  I have made up a couple of them and have one listed now at my Etsy Shop .  I used a different bag lining fabric and I think that I like the new lining even better.

What do you think?  Before... ????

... or AFTER!!!  I'm loving the simple and understated lining on this one!

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